An access request can be created by anyone with access to the workspace. Each request will follow the workflow steps setup by the App Admins and IT Admins for the corresponding App.

Discover Apps and Make Access Requests

  • Discover all IT-approved apps used within your organization from the “All Apps” page. If you don't see an app, use search and filters to refine the app list. Ask for help or send access requests to App Admins directly from the app card of the app you need access to.

Monitor Requests

  • Open Requests: Monitor all your pending requests from the Open Requests page. View progress of open requests and also close requests, if you change your mind. Share additional details with admins from the comment box even after submitting the access request.

  • Closed Requests: Track whether you were approved or denied for access by viewing your closed requests from here.

Creating, tracking, and commenting on open requests

Creating, tracking, and commenting on open requests

Commenting on Tickets

All users associated with a ticket can leave a comment at any time using the comment box at the bottom of the ticket. The comments are visible to all. The status of request doesn’t change when commenting in this box. You can leave a comment to ask for or share additional information with App Admins, Approvers or requesters.

Additionally, IT Admins, App Approvers, and App Admins will see a second comment box when viewing a ticket which requires their action. Adding a comment to this box before taking your action will attach the comment to your action in the ticket history and email notification. You may find it useful to add a comment in this box when explaining why a request was denied for example.

Managing Tickets

Access requests are first filtered through a series of approvers (if approvers have been assigned by App Admins or IT Admins) before the App Admin ever gets notified. Approved access requests will be forwarded to IT Admins for provisioning in your SSO if that app is associated with your SSO, followed by the App Admin for assignment. To help your team stay on top of these workflows, we’ve included the Manage Requests section to help This page is accessible to App Approvers, App Admins and IT Admins monitor progress of tickets and which tickets require their action. Basic Members will not be able to view the Manage Requests section, and App Approvers and App Admins will only be able to see tickets which relate to Apps they are the Admin or Approver of. The Manage Requests section consists of three different views:

  • Open Tickets: Use this page to view the status of all open requests related to the apps you help manage. Clicking on the request will show the activity timeline. You can also re-assign the ticket to someone better suited to take the decision for that specific ticket.

  • Closed Tickets: Track the activity history of every closed ticket related to any apps you have helped manage from here.

  • Action Required: Get an aggregate view of all tickets pending your approval. Tickets in this section will not progress towards completion unless you take the action noted in the ticket. These actions include approval/ denial, provisioning, and assignment.

Learn more about configuring App Catalog here and app approval workflows here.

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