App Catalog is a collection of all IT approved apps from which employees can discover available company apps and request access in one convenient location. By providing this transparency to the entire organization, IT can prevent Shadow IT by encouraging teams to centralize on already available tools. The App Catalog is fully configurable, allowing IT to only publish particular apps or restrict which employees have access to the catalog. IT can also use the App Catalog to democratize App management, by assigning any employee as an App Admin or App Approver. App Admins and IT Admins, are able to create custom access request workflows for their apps including selecting approvers, defining pre-approval rules, and customizing the licenses that users can request for their applications. By leveraging the App Catalog’s customization and role-based features, IT can centralize and manage all access requests into one convenient location.

App Catalog has 4 different user roles:

  1. IT Admin: IT Admins own the settings and configuration of the App Catalog and will also be able to manage all workflows associated with any App. For any App associated with your SSO, approved access requests will be forwarded to IT Admins for provisioning in the SSO, before being sent to the App Admin for assignment.

  2. App Admin: IT Admins will be assigned as the App Admin by default for all apps, but they can appoint new App Admins from the Manage Apps page. App Admins are responsible for granting and assigning employee access to their specific apps. Moreover, they can also create custom app access request workflows for each of their apps.

  3. App Approver: App Admins or IT Admins are able to appoint App Approver(s) when creating a custom app access request workflow. App Admins are responsible for approving or denying access requests sent by employees before they are sent to IT/ AppAdmins for provisioning and assignment.

  4. Basic Member: All other employees invited to G2 Track will be Basic Members. They are only able to view IT approved apps and request access to them from the App Catalog page.

Learn more about managing requests here.

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