The App Catalog requires that all Apps have unique names. When you attempt to create Apps for the Products in your stack from the Needs Confirmation page, you may find that some of the Products either share a name with an existing App or with one of the other Products selected. You can resolve the issue following the steps below:

Scenario A: App Name is Already Taken

If a Product’s name matches an App in your workspace, then you can resolve your naming issue with one of the following approaches:

  1. If the existing App in your Catalog should have a different name, then you can change the name of that App from the “Manage Apps” page by doing the following:

    1. Click “Manage App Details” for the App you wish to rename

    2. Click the edit icon next to the App Name in the resulting slideout

    3. Type in your preferred name and click “Save”.

  2. If the Product you are trying to publish to the App Catalog should show up in the App Catalog under a different name, then you can customize the name of the resulting App by using the in-row “Add App” functionality.

    1. Navigate to the Product in the “Needs Confirmation” table and hover over the row to find the pencil icon.

    2. Clicking that icon will take you into a workflow to do a full custom setup of the App you are creating for the App Catalog.

    3. In this flow pick any name which does not already exist for an App in your Catalog

  3. If the existing App in your Catalog should actually be mapped to this exact Product, then you should update the mapping of the existing app.

    1. Navigate to the Manage Apps page

    2. Find the existing App

    3. Click “Manage App Details” to open the “Manage App” workflow.

    4. From this slideout, you are able to edit the Product this App is mapped to. Please map it to the appropriate Product.

Scenario B: Multiple Products with the Same Name

If there are multiple selected Products with the same name, it is very likely that at least one of the Products was created manually by someone on your team. You will not be able to edit the name of the Product identified by Track, so determine which Product was manually created and follow the approaches below:

  1. If the manually created Product should actually have a different name, then you can update the name by clicking on the Product, clicking on the ellipses next to the Product name on the resulting page, clicking “Edit Product”, and then changing the Product name field from the resulting slideout.

  2. If you wish to keep the Product names as they are, despite them sharing the same name, then you can customize the name of each App for your App Catalog by using the in-row Add App functionality as described in the section above.

  3. If the manually created Product was actually created in error and should be merged into the Track identified Product, then please contact customer support.

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