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Managing your RFI

After an RFI is created, it will be available in your Buyer Inbox. The following actions are available to the person who created the RFI:

  • Share basic details switches the RFI from anonymous to public. This shares your basic details (name and company) with the vendors. This action is permanent.
  • Mute email notifications allows you to toggle email notifications from vendors on or off. When email notifications are on, you'll be notified each time a vendor submits a response and when vendors opt out (or back in) to the RFI. By default, you will receive email notifications for RFIs you've created.
  • Close RFI allows you to end conversations with vendors. This action is permanent. 
  • Delete RFI allows you to delete the RFI and effectively "unsend" the RFI to invited vendors. If you created the RFI by mistake, want to start from scratch, or for any other reason, you can do so by deleting the RFI.
  • View response allows you to view available vendor responses.

Note: RFIs created by others in your workspace are still viewable by you. However, you will not have the ability to make any changes to their RFIs.

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