Use Custom Fields to gather pertinent information about your Products that are specific to your company. This will help you to better understand and manage your stack. 

Custom Field Types

Add a variety of field types that cover a wide range of use cases and give your workspace admins flexibility:

  1. Text - A single line text input that supports up to 30 characters. 
  2. Multi-line text - A multiple line text input that supports up to 280 characters. 
  3. Number - A numeric input with the option to set a default value. 
  4. Date - A custom date picker with the option to require the date to be in the future or the past. 
  5. Dropdown - Allows users to choose a single option from a custom list of values. 
  6. Multi-select - Allows users to choose one or more options from a custom list of values. 
  7. Employee - Allows users to choose an employee from the workspace employee roster. 
  8. Toggle - A simple input to capture On and Off values with the option to set a default. 

Adding Custom Fields

To add a custom field workspace Admins can:

  1.  Navigate to the Custom Fields page in Workspace Settings and click Create Custom Field. 

Important: The Custom Fields page in Workspace Settings is only accessible to users with Admin permissions.

2. Select a custom field type

3. Enter the required Field Name (and Values if type is dropdown or multi-select) and any optional fields. 

The optional description helps set the right context and is shown as help text to other members of the workspace.

Note: All custom field types (with the exception of Multi-line text and Date types) include an optional Default Value parameter. When a custom field is created with a default value, that value is automatically added for that field across every product in the workspace and can be edited.

Important: Up to 25 custom fields can be added to a workspace. 

Managing Custom Fields

Changes or updates made to custom fields are applied at a workspace level. To edit an existing custom field, navigate to the Custom Fields page in Workspace Settings and click Create Custom Field and click the Edit pencil icon next to the custom field. 

Important: Field type can not be changed for existing questions, however all other custom field attributes can be edited.

If a value is removed from either a Multi-select or Dropdown field, the deleted value will be removed from any products which previously contained that value.

To delete a custom field, click the Delete trash icon on the settings page and confirm on the screen that follows. When a custom field is deleted, any existing data tied to that field will be deleted from the workspace.

Turn off visibility for a custom field by clicking the toggle button on the settings page. The field will be hidden across the products overview and individual product pages and any existing data for that field will be saved.

Reorder your custom fields by using the drag and drop functionality included on the settings page. This will update the order of custom fields throughout the workspace on the products overview page, individual product page, and product page filtering. 

Products Overview Page

When a new custom field is created, it's automatically displayed as an additional column on the products overview page. The ordering and visibility of these columns can be updated by admins on the custom fields page in workspace settings (see paragraph above for instructions).

To edit the values of all custom field types in bulk:

  1. Select multiple products. 

2. Click the Edit dropdown and select the custom field to edit in bulk. 

3. Set the new value to be applied to all selected products and click Save Changes. 

Workspace Admins can also navigate to the Manage Custom Fields page by clicking Manage Custom Fields near the top right of the All Products page. 

Individual Product Page

Each custom field is also displayed on the Product Details section of the individual product page. 

The ordering and visibility of these fields can be updated by Admins on the custom fields page in workspace settings.

Edit the Value of a custom field by clicking the edit product details pencil icon or by hovering over any of the custom fields and selecting the edit option. 

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