Managing Vendor Compliance with G2 Track
There are countless ways to manage vendor compliance and these approaches vary widely from company to company. The Compliance Hub has been designed to support various processes and edge cases so that you can use this feature with minimal changes to your existing workflow.

Here are the main ways your team can customize the Compliance Hub.

  1. Custom Compliance Items
    The Compliance Hub comes populated with seven common compliance items which are included in every Track workspace by default. In addition to hiding any of these default items which don't apply to your company, you can also create your own custom compliance items to be tracked across the products in your workspace. Learn more about custom compliance items and visibility.
  2. Vendor Compliance Groups
    Spend, contract, usage, and access data is often unique at the individual product level while Compliance typically applies on the vendor level. To simplify compliance management, Track automatically groups products from the same vendor so you can manage compliance for a single entity. Learn more about vendor compliance groups.
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