The Compliance Hub comes populated with following seven common compliance items which are included in every Track workspace by default.

  1. SOC 2
  2. ISO 27001
  4. Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready
  5. GDPR Statement
  6. Privacy Shield
  7. Data Processing Agreement
  8. Vendor Security Questionnaire

Compliance Item Visibility
In the event that there's a compliance item your team doesn't want to track, simply visit the Compliance tab in Workspace Settings and turn off the toggle for any items you want to hide.

When hiding a compliance item, any existing compliance data for that item will be retained should you decide to unhide the compliance item in the future.

Adding a Custom Compliance Item
In addition to hiding default compliance items which don't apply to your company, you can also create your own custom compliance items to be tracked across the products in your workspace. 

Clicking the "Add a Compliance Item" button on the bottom of the Compliance Settings page will open a slide out allowing you to enter an Item Name, select the item's type, and add any additional fields that you wish to track with the item.

After entering the details and clicking "Save", the custom item will be added to your workspace and will be listed on the Compliance Settings page as well as all other compliance views in your workspace.

Editing or Deleting a Custom Item
You can edit a custom item's Name, Type, and associated fields by selecting the Edit Pencil icon on the Compliance Settings page, or you can delete it entirely by selecting the trash icon. Any existing data will be permanently deleted when a custom item is deleted so you may consider toggling the custom item's visibility instead.

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