Spend, contract, usage, and access data is often unique at the individual product level while Compliance typically applies on the vendor level. To simplify compliance management, Track automatically groups products from the same vendor so you can manage compliance for a single entity.

Auto-grouping by Vendor
When the Compliance Hub is first generated in your workspace, all of the products which belong to the same vendor are automatically grouped together into a Vendor Compliance Group. The system uses the G2 Crowd product database and checks the base domain (e.g. vendor.com/ProductName) of product websites to determine which products are associated with the same vendor.

An icon is listed next to each Vendor Compliance Group on the Compliance Overview page so you can easily understand how many products belong to that specific group (note that groups with nine or more products will be shown as "9+"). The screenshot below shows a Vendor Compliance Group with three products which are tied to Adobe.

Any changes made to the Vendor Compliance Group's compliance details will be applied to all of the products included in the group.

Removing a Product from a Vendor Group
Oftentimes there may be a specific product that you'd prefer to individually manage compliance details for, separately from the other products in a Vendor Group. 

To remove a product from a Vendor Group, open the Edit Group Compliance slide out and select the "Manage" option. Hover over the product and click the "Remove from Group" option.

Click "Ungroup" on the confirmation screen to confirm the ungrouping. All of the existing compliance data from the Vendor Group will be copied over to the ungrouped product.

Once complete, the ungrouped product and remaining Vendor Group will both be listed on the Compliance Overview page with the same details included for each.

Adding a Product to a Vendor Group
Products which are introduced to the workspace after the Compliance Hub is initially generated are not automatically added to Vendor Compliance Groups.

To add a product to an existing Vendor Group, open the Edit Group Compliance slide out and select the "Manage" option. Hover over the product in the Related Products section and click the "Add to Group" option.

Any compliance data for the individual product will be overwritten with the existing compliance data associated with the Vendor Group. Select "Add to Group" on the confirmation screen to finalize the grouping process (note: this process is currently irreversible). 

Creating a New Vendor Group
If you have two or more products belonging to the same vendor which aren't currently grouped together, you can create a new Vendor Compliance Group.

Open the Edit Product Compliance slide out for the product which you would like to retain the compliance details for and select the option to create a new group.

On the Manage Grouping slide out, select the "Create New Group" option for the secondary product you want to include in the group. Note that any compliance details for the secondary product will be overwritten by the primary product's details during group creation.

Enter a name for the new group and confirm the compliance details are accurate before clicking "Create Group" to finalize group creation.

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