Note: The Compliance Hub is only available on the Enterprise plan.

After you've generated the Compliance Hub and initial setup is complete, you can begin managing compliance data for all of the products and vendors used by your team.

Getting Started
When you first visit the Compliance Hub, you'll notice that the system has automatically populated some of the products in your workspace with compliance data from the G2 Compliance Graph.

In the screenshot below, Track has already found GDPR statements for 103 products. Clicking on "Pending Internal Review" from the top right section will instantly apply a filter on the list of products below.

Editing a Compliance Item
You can make edits to the details of a specific compliance item for a product by clicking on that item's name from the list.

Once selected, you'll have the option to change the status of the compliance item, edit the details, upload documents, and add notes. Be sure to click "Save" after making any changes on this screen.

Editing Compliance Details for a Product
In addition to selecting a specific compliance item for a product on the list that you wish to edit, you can also add and edit compliance details for a product by selecting the "Add or Edit Product Compliance" button on the right side of the screen.

On the slide out, you can search for an existing product to edit or you can add a new product entirely with the "Add a new product to my workspace" flow. When you select an existing product, you'll see the product's overall Compliance Status followed by the individual status of each compliance item.

1. Compliance Status: Clicking the arrow to the right of the compliance status opens a dropdown allowing you to change the product's status.

2. Individual Compliance Item: Clicking on a compliance item opens the edit slide out for the select item, allowing you to change that item's status and make any necessary edits or to the associated fields.

These are the basics to getting started with your Compliance Hub but there are many ways to customize the feature to match your team's specific workflow. You'll find more articles covering the ins and outs of this feature in the Compliance Hub section of the Help Center.

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