Note: The Compliance Hub is only available on the Enterprise plan.

Let’s set up your Compliance Hub so you can start tracking the security and data privacy policies for the software vendors used by your team.

Sign into your workspace and visit the "Compliance" page located in the side navigation.

Generating the Compliance Hub
The first time you visit the Compliance page, you'll need to generate the Compliance Hub for your team. Before generating the Compliance Hub, we recommend that you set up the other areas in your workspace (including syncing financial and SSO systems, mapping transactions and apps to products, adding vendor contracts, etc.) so that all products used by your team are present in your workspace.

When you click the "Generate Compliance Hub" button, the system will automatically fetch public compliance data from the G2 Compliance Graph for many of the products in your workspace.

This usually takes about 10-15 seconds and once it's complete, you'll be ready to start managing vendor compliance.

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