All Status types are based on spend. 

Active - Once G2 Track identifies a transaction, it is automatically categorized as Active. 

Inactive - Products that are no longer being paid for can be manually set as Inactive.

Unknown - If financial activity isn't identified, the system will mark the Product Status as Unknown.


All Authorization types are based on utilization. 

Authorized - When a product is provisioned through an SSO system (Okta, OneLogin) or has been given access via connected G Suite accounts, the product's status will be set as Authorized.

In Review - Products which require internal review (often by the IT or Security teams) can be manually set to In Review.

Shadow - If a product is not provisioned through a connected SSO system and there are no active tokens associated with the connected G Suite account, the product's status will be set as Shadow. All products are automatically set to Shadow in workspaces that haven't synced G Suite or SSO systems.

Note: If an SSO integration exists and is removed, the corresponding Authorization will be moved to Shadow since utilization data no longer exists.  

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