Click on “Departments” from your side navigation to view a list of your departments.

Visit the individual department page that you’d like to remove products.

Click on the “Products” tab.

Click “Add or Remove Products” button.

“Add or Remove Products” slide out will appear.

  • To remove a product, view the list of “Existing” products in the right column and click on the “x” icon next to the product(s) you’d like to remove from the department.  

Note: If the product shares its costs among multiple departments, the removal of the product from the department may affect the cost allocation for the other departments.

  • To add a product, select a product from the dropdown. 

If a product is already used by another department, then you are required to enter and confirm the product's cost allocation among the departments. 

Click “Save” to save changes.

You will return to the individual department page - products tab once complete.

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