There are a few ways to add a budget to a department.

  1. Department overview page
  2. Individual department page
  3. Budgets page


1. Departments overview page

If you have not added a budget yet for a specific department, you’ll have the chance to add a budget while on the Departments page. Once there is a budget attached to the department, you will not have the ability to add a budget from this view. However, you can visit the individual department page and edit the budget there.

2. Individual department page

Visit the individual department page that you’d like to add a budget.
Click the settings icon in the top bar and select "Add budget".  

A slide out will appear allowing you to input your desired budget.

3. Budgets page

Click "Budgets" from the side navigation.

To add a new budget, click on the "Add Budget" button.

"Add Budget" slide out will now appear.

From the department dropdown, select the department you want to add a budget to.

Note: In order to add a budget, 1) departments must already be created in the workspace and 2) not have a budget already attached to it.

Next, input the desired budget amount into the "Annual Budget" text field.

Click "Save" to save updates.


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