Connecting your credit card or bank account is an easy and secure process. To get started, navigate to the Synced Accounts page from the left hand side menu.

From here, scroll down and find the options for bank accounts and credit cards. Track connects with most major

  • U.S. Bank Accounts
  • U.S. Credit Cards
  • Silicon Valley Bank credit cards and bank accounts
  • Global (Non-U.S.) Bank Accounts
  • Global (Non-U.S.) Credit Cards

Select the card or account you would like to Sync.

Depending on which option you choose, a menu will pop up and direct you through your institution specific steps to syncing your account.

If one credit card with multiple cards is synced, Track will display the name of the accounts as they're shared with the system.  For example, you may see multiple cards listed with the last four digits of the individual cards.  

When connecting a Credit Card or Bank Account, the system is usually able to fetch approximately three months of historical data.  To bring in older Transactions into Track, export them from your banking system as a CSV and upload them on the Synced Accounts page using the Transactions CSV option.  When completing this, confirm there's no overlap with transactions already in Track so duplicates aren't introduced.

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