Check to see whether you are on Xero Auto Sync or Manual Sync integration. If you are on Xero Auto Sync and your dashboard isn't updating then get in touch with us and we will do our best to help. 

Xero Manual Sync, on the other hand, doesn't provide continued access to your account and needs to be re-synced periodically. You can update your dashboard in two ways:

1. Switch to Xero Auto Sync: Doing this is fairly simple, visit your Synced Accounts page and click Resync next to Xero.

Select the Auto Sync option in the window that opens: 

2. Continue with Xero Manual Sync and re-sync your account: Repeat the same steps and select Manual Sync in the window above.

If you continue with Manual Sync, you will need to do this every time you want to see your up to date spend. For this reason, we strongly recommend switching to Xero Auto Sync to avoid having to manually refresh your spend data every few weeks.

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