Inviting team members or colleagues to your workspace on Track is a great way to give other members of your team full visibility into your company's software and tech spend.

1). Click on the Members tab in Workspace Settings.

2). Select "Invite members" to open an invite flow which allows you to enter the emails of the users you'd like to invite to your workspace. Multiple emails can be invited at the same time.

3). Choose an access level for each invitee. This can always be changed later.

  • Viewer: can view spend reports and change personal alert preferences.
  • Admin: can access all transaction data, sync or disconnect data sources, and invite others to the workspace.

4). Optionally, include a brief message that will be included in the invitation email sent to your colleagues. This is an easy way to set some context for someone who may not already be familiar with Track. Click "Send Invites" and a secure invitation will be sent to each invitee.

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